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Our Pharmacy is Committed to Care & Collaboration

Pharmacie Michael Assaraf has been dedicated to providing tailored service to patients with a variety of health backgrounds since 2008. We provide an informed, collaborative, efficient and secure service to patients receiving specialty medications. Taking place in a 9,000 sq. ft. facility, our pharmacy is designed to manage cold chain medication and maintain product integrity throughout the supply chain.

We are proud to work closely with patients, clinics, nurses, doctors, patient support programs and community pharmacies to improve access to medical treatment and overcome obstacles to therapy. Specializing in gastroenterology, dermatology, rheumatology, endocrinology, oncology, neurology, hematology and hepatology, our team of experts is committed to patient care, support and reliability.

Our Impact

bullet point50 team members, including 8 pharmacists

bullet pointMore than 20 phone lines available to better serve you

bullet pointMore than 400 patients served per day, via phone and SMS

bullet point24 hours on average for patients to receive their first dosage of medication

Our Process Ensures the Successful Delivery of Specialty Medications

  • Onboarding

    Patient files are created and our team of pharmacists will get in touch to receive consent, gather medical history and discuss treatment.

  • Scheduling

    Our pharmacists will take care of scheduling the first delivery of medication as well as organize subsequent deliveries per prescription refills.

  • Medication Preparation & Verification

    From setting up renewals to connecting with insurance providers, our registered pharmacy technician prepares the medication from A to Z. From there, our pharmacists verify medication to ensure quality control.

  • Delivery

    Using secure, temperature-controlled environments, our logistics team ensures product integrity and delivers medications direct-to-clinics, to patients’ homes or offices.

  • Follow-Up

    Our team constantly monitors patients’ adherence through regular follow ups, which ensures the optimal use and efficacy of medication.

Collaboration Is at the Heart of Our Pharmacy

We believe that the patient journey is fueled by cooperation, which is why we strive to maintain close relationships with patients, healthcare professionals and other pharmacies across Quebec. We always prioritize communication with other pharmacies, whether exchanging patient histories, working together to fast-track the delivery process or assisting with the reimbursement process. From handling complex prescriptions to carrying inventory of specialty medications and continuously ensuring the availability of our team, we strive to eliminate potential challenges for other pharmacies. Our pharmacists are always available and can be reached during business hours to answer any questions or concerns regarding medication, treatments, potential side effects and more. We are constantly looking to expand our network of local pharmacists who share our mission and invite those interested in collaborating to contact us.



Quality and Care for Patients is Our Priority

Pharmacie Michael Assaraf is dedicated to the well-being of patients. Every day, our team of professionals helps over 400 patients as they navigate their way through new medical information, treatment options, and appointment follow-ups. Because every patient is unique, we provide personalized advice and recommendations so that everyone can benefit from higher treatment success rates. Accessibility and responsiveness is of top priority and our team of 50 staff members are available to patients whenever and wherever needed so that each and every single person is cared for. Our team also works tirelessly to ensure consistency in the delivery of medications. To learn more about our services and the support we offer, patients can reach out to our team directly in person, via phone, SMS or email.

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162 rue Barr, Saint-Laurent, QC H4T 1Y4


Monday to Thursday: 8a.m. - 6p.m.
Friday: 8a.m. - 5p.m.
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