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How to dispose of used sharps

Sharps are medical devices that can puncture or lacerate the skin. Examples of sharps include needles, syringes or autoinjectors.

If not disposed of properly, sharps can pose a risk to people and animals. They can cause injuries or allow the transmission of infections such as hepatitis C and HIV. The purpose of this guide is to teach you how to dispose of your contaminated syringes and other sharps safely.

How to dispose of sharps
1. Get a sharps container.

They are made of puncture resistant plastic and allow for the safe storage and disposal of sharps. To receive a sharps container please contact us. Sharps containers are not reusable.

How to dispose of sharps
2. Place the used sharps immediately in the container after use.

Sharps Containers should always be out of the reach of children and pets. Never throw your sharps in the trash.

How to dispose of sharps
3. When the container is 3/4 full, close the lid and return it to your local CLSC or pharmacy.

Do not overfill the container.